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Stories At The Farm Roots

Stories At The Fam Roots

Stories At The Farm: Roots


On August bank holiday weekend we were invited to create another story event at a beautiful farm in a Cotswold valley just north of Bath. Dawn and Ed created an intimate space on a gently sloping field, and we performed our stories on the back of a land rover on a perfect sunny evening, as the ducks roosted on the nearby reservoir.  

Here were some of the responses:

Hugely enjoyable evening!

Each of those stories was so memorable for different reasons that I couldn't stop thinking about them for days. 

What a perfect setting and even the weather was in favour of an outdoor event!

Wonderful location, audience and storytellers

It was great fun to finish on a huge high with belly laughs echoing across the valley. I haven't laughed so much for ages.

I can't wait for the next event at the farm!

We met Muhammed Ali and Rapunzel, errant herons, a blushing Dad and some surprisingly earthy legs. We were transported from the Rumble in the Jungle to a couple of back gardens via Cairo by way of Oxford Circus. Our stories were funny and angry, moving and surreal, but above all, compelling.  This was an exceptional evening of story-telling.

The Stories:

1. First up we had Pauline Masurel and her pleasingly surreal story Putting Down Roots.

*This story was re-recorded after the event*

2. We laughed at Stephanie Weston's witty tale, Time To Let Your Hair Down.

*This story was re-recorded after the event*

3. Dawn Lippiatt gave us an exciting rendition of her suspenseful story, Oxford Circus.

4. We finished the first half with Stephen Tuffin remembering the Rumble in the Jungle  in The Most Beautiful Man In The World. This is a cracker, even if you don't like boxing!

5. After the interval, Clare Reddaway read a piece of non-fiction, with memories of her childhood in My Mother's Quilt.

6. Elaine Miles gave us a passionate imagining of the near future in New Boots.

7. Maude Martin created some excellent images in her goldfish themed Mother Of Fish.

8. Philip Douch rounded off the evening and gave us some real belly laughs with That Question.

(Most of these stories were recorded live in a field so there are occasional passing aeroplanes, some roosting ducks and quite a bit of breeze on the recordings. Apologies!)



Stories At The Chapel

Stories at The Chapel
New Beginnings

Stories at The Chapel: New Beginnings 

A Word In Your Ear was delighted to have teamed up with The Chapel in Salisbury to create a brand new story series: Stories at The Chapel.  The first event was themed 'New Beginnings' and was held at a packed out Chapel on 7th May.

We had a smorgasbord of drama and wit with our Chapel stories. We had mothers wrangling with daughters, old and young; we had unexpected gardens and village newcomers; dreamy car mechanics, avid recyclers and some great big black pants. We introduced lots of new writers to our audience, plus some old Story Friday favourites.


Our stories made the audience think and made them smile - have a listen below and see if you agree! 


The Stories:

1. We started the evening with Carol Cole reading her tale of recycling, New Beginnings.

2. Then Jayne Woodhouse read Christophe Declerck's thoughtful piece of flash fiction, If Only, written by Christopher Declerck and read by Jayne Woodhouse.

3. Estelle read her true story, The Trapped Doe, written and read by Estelle Phillips.

4. Heather read her story about a mother and daughter, which she assures us is not autobiographical! Showing Off, written and read by Heather Lister.

5. Maude  took us on an hilarious tour of a bra shop in Embonpoint, written and read by Maude Martin.

6. Piers made us shiver with Beware The Ides Of March, written and read by Piers Pennington.

7. Clare read a story of life on the edge, in Green Roof, written and read by Clare Reddaway.

8. Mark finished off the evening in style as he dusted his golden balls in From 'Dave The Rave' to 'Lance a Little'


New Tales From The Old Sea


Stories from the Lightship Arts Festival:

New Tales From The Old Sea

First performed at the Lightship Arts Festival,  19th March 2022

Our tales were as refreshing as sea spray, as enthralling as a sailor’s yarn! We were delighted to be on board the quirky Lightship Theatre in Bristol performing some sea-themed tales as part of the Cabot Cruising Club's Lightship Arts Festival. We had some wonderful stories, monologues and a duologue, plus a beautiful poem by Kathleen Wenaden in the programme. 

The Stories: 

1. We started with a proper seafaring yarn: David Mathews 'Was There A Mermaid?' is set 40 miles west of Bristol. Written and read by David Mathews.

2. India Rodgers' monologue is an epic tale of love and the sea. 'Salacia' is performed by Alexandra Ricou and written by India Rodgers.

3. Elaine gave us a moving story of two women living in a coastal community with her story 'Rescue', written and read by Elaine Miles.

4. Elizabeth Carter drew an evocative picture as she took a boat trip 'In Lyme Bay'. Written and read by Elizabeth Carter.

5. 'You Can't Spell Cinema Without The Sea' is an hilarious story of teenage surliness and Channel ferries, written and read by Dylan Spicer. 

6. Finally, we had a duologue by Brian Weaving. 'John Cabot Leaving The Port of Bristol' is performed by Steve Harding, as the Mayor of Bristol, and Michael Stevens, as John Cabot. There was something very special about hearing this piece set in the port of Bristol as we bobbed on the waves in the harbour. 

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