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Stories At The Farm:

27th August 2022

We went back to the Farm!  



This August bank holiday weekend we were invited to create another story event at a beautiful farm in a Cotswold valley just north of Bath. Dawn and Ed created an intimate space on a gently sloping field, and we performed our stories on the back of a land rover on a perfect sunny evening, as the ducks roosted on the nearby reservoir.  










Here were some of the responses:

Wonderful location, audience and storytellers

Hugely enjoyable evening!

Each of those stories was so memorable for different reasons that I couldn't stop thinking about them for days. 

What a perfect setting and even the weather was in favour of an outdoor event!

It was great fun to finish on a huge high with belly laughs echoing across the valley. I haven't laughed so much for ages.

I can't wait for the next event at the farm!



We had some wonderful stories from writers: Stephen Tuffin, Stephanie Weston, Elaine Miles, Dawn Lippiatt, Pauline Masurel, Maude Martin, Clare Reddaway and Philip Douch.

We met Muhammed Ali and Rapunzel, errant herons, a blushing Dad and some surprisingly earthy legs. We were transported from the Rumble in the Jungle to a couple of back gardens via Cairo by way of Oxford Circus. Our stories were funny and angry, moving and surreal, but above all, compelling.  This was an exceptional evening of story-telling.


If you weren't there, do have a listen!

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