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Welcome to the Story Friday Archive

Image by Kid Circus

Story Friday LEAP! 

Stories from Story Friday:  LEAP!

Stories from LEAP!, first performed at Story Friday LEAP!, 28th February 2020, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

In honour of 2020’s status as a leap year, and because Story Friday was on the 28th, the day before leap day, we chose the theme leap for February.  We had loads of wonderful submissions featuring different versions of leaping – leaps of imagination, of faith, leaps into the dark, brave leaps, physical leaps, leaping leopards, leaps in time.  We had eight stories – seven on stage, one in the programme.  We chose lots of writers new to Story Friday, as well as some regulars.  We heard from Alison Clink, Steve Walters, Christine Roberts, Clare Reddaway, Lissa Carter, Mark Rutterford and David Mathews.  We had a story from Rosemary Johnson in the programme.


Do have a listen to the stories below.  

I’ve recently discovered our stories are downloaded very frequently. If you are one of those listeners, it would be great to know what you think! Do leave us a comment below!

The Stories:

1. We started the evening with Leapy Leap McLeap, a charming story written and read by Alison Clink

2. Christine faced the reality of electioneering with her story The Letterbox, written and read by Christine Roberts

3. David contemplated some graffiti in Bath Library in his warm and funny story, Leap of Imagination, written and read by David Mathews

4. Lissa gave us a powerful story about man riding home on his motorbike. Blind Lane is written and read by Lissa Carter

5. Mark started the second half with a moving story that was both funny and deeply serious. The Middle, The Beginnings, The End is written and read by Mark Rutterford

6. Steve gave us an alternative political future in his story Leap Years, written and read by Steve Walters

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