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Curious tales with puzzling elements.  


Stories to intrigue by Lisa Fryer, Clare Reddaway, John Ritchie, Sally Gander and Christine Roberts.

Lucifer's Teeth

Written by Lisa Fryer, read by Kate Best.

A Cornish tale of ships, wreckers and an orphaned girl washed up on the shore.

Lisa Fryer - Lucifer's Teeth

For Those In Peril On The Sea

Written and read by Clare Reddaway

Are the sailors cursed?

Clare Reddaway - For those

Wan'na Beer?

Written by John Ritchie, read by Oliver Langdon

A young man is searching for enlightenment.

John Ritchie - Wan'na Beer?

Doing Nothing

Written by Sally Gander, read by Oliver Langdon

He’s staring out of the window.  What is he looking at?

Sally Gander - Doing Nothing

Silver Screen Estate Agents

Written by Christine Roberts, read by Stephanie Weston

An estate agent fields enquiries from some interesting clients…

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