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Take a trip into the past with these stories by Jane Allen, Lisa Fryer, Stephanie Weston and Clare Reddaway.

Within, Without, In With, Out With: A faithful account of my time of imprisonment.


Written by Jane Allen, read by Peter Smart

Theopholus Daventry is incarcerated with a scarecrow.  Will he escape?

Jane Allen - Within

Charon's Obel

Written by Lisa Fryer, read by Oliver Langdon

Crispus makes a choice, but will it condemn his Uncle Flavius to a hundred years of ghostly wandering?

Lisa Fryer - Charon's Obel

So Long On The Throne

Written and read by Stephanie Weston

Queen Victoria visits the Wonder of the Age exhibition and finds herself in a sticky situation.

Stephanie Weston - So Long
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Listen & Download

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