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Clifton Story Walks

'You have a little bit of magic in you' 

Audience response to Clifton Story-Walk 2022

Clare Reddaway has created three story walks for the Clifton LitFest. Described as 'innovative' and 'an absolute joy' by audiences, her walks regularly sell out. Clare leads walkers on a stroll through Clifton, combining a smattering of history with some chunks of fiction inspired by the history, architecture, people and contemporary life of Clifton Village.


'We were absolutely stunned to have loved it so much'

Audience response to Clifton Story-Walk 2023

War Memorials, Workshops and a Concrete Cathedral

Clifton Story Walk 2023

On this walk we met soldiers and priests, inventors and tea drinkers as we explored humble streets and grand buildings, and heard stories of the people that inhabited them. 

I was transported

We loved every moment of it

You have a magical way of story-telling

Rubies and Remembrance 

Clifton Story Walk 2022

For her story walk for the November '22 Clifton LitFest, Clare led walkers to the Victorian part of Clifton. There were stories of jewels and cedar trees, of Major-Generals and lady novelists, of conventional and unconventional living - a selection of compelling and thought-provoking stories with a sprinkling of history thrown in - walkers even heard a small amount of singing!


There were four stories on this walk. The walk was approx an hour and half, mainly on the level with a short hill at the end. 

'I was blown away!'*


'I thoroughly enjoyed all the stories, and was charmed by Clare's meticulous research, and the amazing ways she vividly imagined the thoughts and feelings of ‘personalities’ from Clifton’s past' *

Stars, Stalin and a Couple of Fine Elephants 

Clifton Story Walk 2021

Walkers joined Clare on a stroll through Clifton and heard snippets of history and slices of fiction as they looked at streets with fresh new eyes. They enjoyed an overworked waitress, a whiff of the USSR and a Golden Age Hollywood star in four stories inspired by  Clifton Village.  

‘Superb – a tour de force!’*



'It has left me with some wonderful images and

hearing the voices in each story was so powerful'*

‘The group was thoroughly engaged and enjoying it’*

* Some examples of audience responses to the Clifton story-walks

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