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Wild Path

A Breath of
Fresh Air

Our first batch of online stories Dark Clouds, Silver Linings was an outstanding success, so we decided to made some more. You can view all the stories that we have already recorded for our Story Friday Youtube channel. 

A batch of  8 brand new stories went live on Youtube on Friday 5th June with the theme A Breath of Fresh Air!

Olly Langdon introduced the stories as usual.  Here is the PLAYLIST or you can click on the links on individual stories below.

The River                                                                        

Written by John Holland, read by Bill Ward

Is the visit to the cool river just a break from the hot day? Here’s the LINK.



Written by Piers Pennington, read by Bryn Holding

Lockdown offers an opportunity for reflection, renewal, perhaps even redemption. Or opportunities of a different kind if the rules don’t apply to you. Especially if you meet a dog called Digby. Here’s the LINK.



Weather Breeder
Written by Stella Waller, read by Eamonn Fleming

A wedding is planned, but a storm is brewing and threatens to blow it off course. Can the day be saved? Here’s the LINK.



Written by Clare Reddaway, read by Daisy Douglas

You volunteered to help, it’s the very least you can do. You can’t complain about it. You really really can’t. Here’s the LINK.



Written by Chiara Vascotto, read by Alice Barclay

How long can you last in the lonely zorba ball? Here’s the LINK.



Casting With WB Yeats
Written by David Mathews, read by Adam Fuller

A friend driving through France observed that insects are thriving this year. Now, to what unobvious  outcome might a glut of bugs lead? Might poetry have some pointers? Here’s the LINK.



I Was The Wind                                                              

Written by Mark Rutterford, read by Kirsty Cox

You dared me to neck the vodka. I dared you to practise a kiss. We both won. Here’s the LINK.



Someday Soon                                                                     

Written by Claire Barnard, read by Caroline Garland

Everything will seem familiar but something will have changed…Take a short trip into the future…  Here’s the LINK.

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