A Word In Your Ear is currently accepting submissions for Story Fridays.  Please see the Guidelines below for full details.

We look forward to reading your work!

Next Story Friday:

Story Friday LEAP!: Event on 28th February 2020, deadline for submissions 17th February.

Events coming up:

Story Friday Weekend: Event on 24th April, deadline for submissions 13th April.

Story Friday Sunrise: Event on 19th June, deadline for submissions 8th June.

Please note: all submissions are always acknowledged.  If you don’t get an acknowledgement, your story might not have arrived.  Please email clare.reddaway @ to  double check.  Thank you.


We are looking for writer-performers for each event.  Any story or monologue – fictional or factual – will be considered.  We are looking for a wide variety of stories for the evening. We do not consider poetry – sorry.

Pieces should not be longer than 15 minutes when read out loud.  The maximum word count is 2,000 words.  However, there is no minimum – we are open to pieces of flash fiction as well as longer stories.

Writers need to be available to attend the event – the audience likes to meet you! Please check your diary before submitting. However, if you prefer not to read your own work we have some wonderful professional actors who would be happy to read your piece for you. Please indicate when you submit whether you would like to read, or to have your work read.

Each Story Friday has a theme. Please ensure your submission has a link to the upcoming theme.

Remember that the stories need to be read out loud, and they need to capture and hold the attention of a live audience – be careful of multiple voices, long descriptions and complicated plots.

Do not resubmit a story that has already been considered by Story Fridays.

Story Fridays is currently an unpaid opportunity.

Submissions should be sent to A Word In Your Ear via our contact form.  We will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please can you include the word count when you submit your story.

That’s it! Thank you!

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  1. Tom Morris says:

    I cannot see the upcoming theme?

  2. Bruno Elliott says:

    Oops, my word count is 1,094 words,


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