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Bathurst Basin Story Walk 

Dates coming soon!

Story Walk around Bathurst Basin


Clare Reddaway brings her innovative story-walks to Bathurst Basin in Bristol. 

Walkers will be led for a stroll around Bathurst Basin and over for a peek at  the harbour. As they walk, they will listen to a smattering of local history and a series of entertaining and thought-provoking stories inspired by the past and the present of the buildings, the water and the people around them. 

Clare will be joined on this walk by story writers: Doc Watson, Elaine Miles, Mark Rutterford, Stephanie Weston, Pauline Masurel and Lissa Carter. 

'An absolute joy'*

'Superb - a tour de force!'*

Recommended age: 12+

*Audience responses to Clifton Story Walk 

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