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Saints, Sinners and the Glitter of False Diamonds

Sunday 19th May, 10.30
Sunday 20th October,10.30

'We were entranced!

Audience response to Clifton Story-Walk 2023

Highwaymen, colliers and loo ladies; legionnaires, suffragettes and Cavaliers; gibbets, turnpikes and flying machines: all have played their part in the history of Durdham Down. Join writer Clare Reddaway for a stroll through the past as she creates stories from the rocks and the turf beneath your feet. 

Clare is delighted to have been commissioned by the Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife project to create a brand new story walk, roaming over the glorious Downs. She will be bringing her new walk to Durdham Down for the Bristol Walking Festival next year. 

Booking opens soon, but in the meantime, pop the dates in your diary! 



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