Online Workshops and Let’s Talk Stories

During the lockdown I am running online workshops and a short story discussion group Let’s Talk Stories (see further down the page)

Creative Writing Online Workshops

These writing workshops have been going well and proving to be a good way to carve out some much-needed head space for participants, so I’ve decided to add some more now the lockdown seems to be continuing.  During these particular workshops, I am not focussing on writing techniques such as character and dialogue, but looking at general themes that could trigger some exciting pieces of writing.

I hold the workshops on Zoom. I can help you if you find the technology baffling.  All of the workshops cost £10 and are bookable on Eventbrite – click on the links below.

30th May, 10-12.30 Love workshop

In this workshop, we’ll be looking at LOVE as a launch for writing exercises. The Ancient Greeks had 8 different words they used for different types of love – we just have the one.  We’ll be looking at those greek words and seeing whether we can find some inspiration from them. Book on Eventbrite here.

6th June, 10-12.30 Every Picture Tells A Story workshop

In this workshop, we’ll be looking at PICTURES as a launch for writing exercises. We will share a number of inspiring pictures and find the stories that spring out of them. Book on Eventbrite here.

13th June, 10-12.30 Food workshop

In this workshop, we’ll be looking at FOOD as a launch for writing exercises. Food has been one of the great themes of the lockdown – where to get it, how to make it, how to grow it. Yeast is unavailable, we’re now a nation of breadmakers. We’ll look at some of the ways writers write about food, and how to incorporate tasty themes into your writing. Book on Eventbrite here.

20th June, 10-12.30 Working on your WIP

This is for anyone who has been to one of my lockdown workshops, and would like to work on a piece of writing that you have started – your ‘work in progress’! We’ll do some exercises to help you deepen your characters and expand your knowledge of your fictional world. Just bring along a piece of any length that you’d like to work on.  Book on Eventbrite here.


Let’s Talk Stories!

This is a place to get together during the lockdown.  An online discussion group about short stories. Pour yourself a glass of wine or a mug of coffee and snuggle down on a virtual sofa for a good old chinwag about a story.

Each week we will take one short story, read it together and discuss it. It might be an old story, it might be brand new. You do not need to read the story beforehand, but it will be available free online so you can access the text before the group starts.

So far we’ve discussed The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, Bliss by Katherine Mansfield, The Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, Sweetness by Toni Morrison and Through The Tunnel by Doris Lessing.

It’s like a bookclub with very short books.

I have put three new sessions of Let’s Talk Stories! on Eventbrite. Each session runs on a Tuesday evening from 7.00-8.30. You don’t have to buy a ticket, but you do need to book one. Here are the sessions:

Tuesday 19th May

Tuesday 26th May

Tuesday 2nd June

I hope to see you at one of these sessions.  Thank you and happy writing!