The Garden

Stories from The Garden, first performed at Story Friday The Garden, 3rd May 2019, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

We had a truly marvellous line-up of stories for our May Story Friday.  Thoughtful, philosophical, dramatic, moving – and two that were laugh-out-loud funny.  I’d highly recommend having a listen to our fantastic writers:  Martin Philips, Ysella Sims, Crysse Morrison, Stephanie Weston, Clare Reddaway, Adrian Paul and Mark Rutterford.


Martin transported the audience to the heart of Wales, in his mesmerising story The Fox and the Mountain Fighter, written and read by Martin Philips:



Download the story here: The Fox and the Mountain Fighter


Newcomer to Story Friday Ysella Sims gave a wonderful performance in her moving story set in a London garden – Late Light, written and read by Ysella Sims:



Download the story here: Late Light


Crysse Morrison joined us from Frome, with a thoughtful and beautifully observed story about family and ageing.  Mrs Rosoman’s Dilemma, written and read by Crysse Morrison:



Download the story here: Mrs Rosoman's Dilemma


Stephanie Weston is on particularly hilarious form with Horticultural Hell, written and read by Stephanie Weston:

Download the story story: Horticultural Hell


Adrian Paul gives us an exquisite examination of coping with grief in his story  Collector’s Piece, written and read by Adrian Paul:



Download the story here: Collector's Piece


Mark Rutterford made the audience cackle with his surreal (and very local) tale, The Jam Mines of Camerton, written and read by Mark Rutterford:



Download the story here: The Jam Mines of Camerton


Clare Reddaway’s story focusses on a child’s experiences in a garden in County Cork, in The Garden, written and read by Clare Reddaway:

Download the story here: The Garden