Stories from Invitation, first performed at Story Friday Invitation, 22nd March 2019, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

What is more intriguing than an unopened invitation? We invited writers to write their favourite invitation story for a glorious story-party this March.

We were delighted to have a number of writers new to Story Friday on stage this time.  Mark Lewis, Claire Barnard and Alice Jolly have never written for us before.  We were very pleased to welcome back Richard Bond, Nicolas Ridley, Mark Hynes and Emma London.  We had a lovely short piece by Ruth Ethelgreen (another newcomer) in the programmes.  All the writers had very different takes on our theme of ‘invitation’, so listen out for rats and moose-heads, masterpieces or forgeries, unexpected visitors to the pub, and a string of abandoned clothes… Enjoy!


Nicolas brings us another of his charming, perfectly timed stories.  Moose-Head, Doe-Eyes, Shrew, written and read by Nicolas Ridley:

Download the story here: Moose-Head, Doe-Eyes, Shrew


A short, very en pointe piece called Invitation, written by Richard Bond and read by Olly Langdon:

Download the story here: Invitation


Emma’s story feels all too horribly and hilariously real. Uninvited Guests, written and read by Emma London: 

Download the story here: Uninvited Guests


Alice’s story Lara and Me, is poignant and beautiful.  Written by Alice Jolly and read by Amy Vickers:

Download the story here: Lara and Me


Mark’s surreal pub had the audience laughing in Your Feedback Is Appreciated, written and read by Mark Lewis:

Download the story here: We Appreciate Your Feedback


We are taken for a walk with George in Claire’s story The Clothes In The Road, written by Claire Barnard, read by Olly Langdon:

Download the story here: The Clothes In The Road


Mark explores the art world with his intriguing story Gallery of the Missing, written and read by Mark Hynes:

Download the story here:   The Gallery Of The Missing