Stories from 2018, first performed at Story Friday 2018, 25th January, 2019 Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

2018 was quite a year.  We marked it at Story Friday with stories  inspired by events that happened during the year.  We had a range of responses both in subject – football, sun probes – and in tone – from fairytales to a form of stand-up comedy.  We selected only one story that dealt directly with the dreaded Brexit, and we hope you’ll find newcomer to Story Friday Matt Harris’s ‘The Present Want Out’ an original take on the subject!  Stories from Elaine Miles, Mark Rutterford, Matt Harris, David Wood, Clare Reddaway and Stephanie Weston are available to listen to below.

As this event was topical, we thought we’d make it REALLY topical. We challenged writers  to write a story responding to this week’s new.  It was a tough deadline – but we had some corkers!  We would like to thank the royal family for inspiring many a writer to put pen to paper.

We had two winners of the first Story Friday Challenge: Mark Rutterford and Philip Douch. Here are their stories:

Philip’s hilarious topical story In The News This Week, written and read by Philip Douch: 



Download the story here: In The News This Week


Mark’s topical and thought-provoking story might make your mouth water. Having Your Cake And Eating It, written by Mark Rutterford, read by Caroline Garland:



Download the story here: Having Your Cake And Eating It


Here are the main stories from Story Friday 2018:

There are  time travellers and Brexit in Matt Harris’s very funny The Present Wants Out, written by Matt Harris, read by Olly Langdon:



Download the story here: The Present Wants Out


Steph always makes the audience laugh and When The Chips are Down is no exception. Written and read by Stephanie Weston:



Download the story here: When The Chips Are Down


David Wood brought a surreal element to the evening with his story The Fairytale of 2018, written and read by David Wood:



Download the story here: Fairytale of 2018


More laugh-out-loud comedy from Elaine Miles – who knew 2018 could be so funny?  Breaking News is written and read by Elaine Miles:



Download the story here: Breaking News


Mark’s other story for this event, It’s Coming Home, mixed football with a more intimate tale. Written and read by Mark Rutterford:



Download the story here: It's Coming Home

Pics of Story Friday 2018: