Stories from Feast, first performed at Story Friday Feast, 30th November 2018, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

We had a lip-smackingly delicious line-up of stories for Story Friday Feast at Burdall’s for our last Story Friday of 2018.

We welcomed Story Friday regulars Philip Douch, Elaine Miles and Doc Watson;  Nicolas Ridley and Debbie Beale have had at least one outing on the Story Friday stage,  and we were very pleased to hear writers new to Story Friday, Ali Bacon, Tony Kirwood and Ed Broom.  Ed came all the way from Ipswich, and Tony came down on the London train – we’re thrilled to hear how far Story Friday’s fame has travelled!  We also had a delightful amuse bouche by Jenny Woodhouse in the programme for the audience to read in the interval – when they weren’t grappling with the not-terribly-fiendish quiz! (Congrats to the winners, hope you enjoyed your easy peeler clementines!)

We’ve got monsters and saints, sins and indulgences, cafes, restaurants, more than one wedding…. and a perfectly ripe peach.   So a cornucopia of writerly delights awaits you if you’d care to listen again.  If you have a listen and like what you hear please spread the word – and you can always leave a comment if you’d like to!

Doc starts us off at a gallop with A Feast For All Seasons, written and read by Doc Watson:

Download the story here: A Feast For All Seasons


Ali’s delicate memoir, The Day of the Peach, is written and read by Ali Bacon:

Download the story here: The Day Of The Peach


Ed’s narrator finds a stranger in his kitchen in Out of Office, written and read by Ed Broom:

Download the story here: Out of Office


Elaine’s story takes us to Kenya, in The Housekeeper, written and read by Elaine Miles:

Download the story here: The Housekeeper


Nicolas’s charming story is set on a bench in a London park.  A Sweet Refrain, written and read by Nicolas Ridley:

Download the story here: A Sweet Refrain


Debbie puts a different spin on a familiar fairytale in her story The Wedding Feast, written and read by Debbie Beale:

Download the story here: The Wedding Feast


Tony’s narrator is lonely and hungry, in Monster, written and read by Tony Kirwood:

Download the story here: Monster


Relax as you listen to Philip’s rich, warm tones, as he reads The Restaurant, written and read by Philip Douch*:

Download the story here: The Restaurant

*NB Philip has a beard. Also, he was reading from a grey file. Not that we are making any comment about that. Not at all…