Stories from Stolen, first performed at Story Friday Stolen, 11th May 2018, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

We were delighted to have a wonderful line up of writer-performers for Story Friday Stolen.  We welcomed Mark Rutterford, Martin Phillips, Doc Watson, Elaine Miles, Clare Reddaway, Sarah Curwen and David Wood, with an extra deliciousness recorded for the website by Derek Williams.  We visited the Highlands, London Bridge and the past, we met booklovers and bagpipe players, and we found chessmen and typewriters, magpies and Christmas trees, all in unexpected places, in this feast of stories from some of the best writers in the south-west.

A romantic literary confection: ‘The Book Thief’, written and read by Mark Rutterford:

Download the story here:  The Book Thief


We’re in Wales for Martin’s story: ‘You Can’t Trust Nobody’, written and read by Martin Phillips:

Download the story here:  You Can't Trust Nobody


A bloodthirsty medieval Wiltshire is the backdrop to ‘The White King’, written and read by Sarah Curwen:

Download the story here:  The White King


We muse on identity in Doc’s story ‘The Name’s The Same’, written and read by Doc Watson:

Download the story here: The Name's The Same


A moving story from Elaine: ‘Can You Hear Me?’, written and read by Elaine Miles:

Download the story here: Can You Hear Me?


There are magpies and typewriters in David’s intriguing story: ‘Stolen’, written and read by David Woods:

Download the story here:  Stolen


We visit the Highlands and the Australian outback in Clare’s story: ‘My Land, Your Land’, written and read by Clare Reddaway:

Download the story here:  My Land, Your Land