Stories from Home, first performed at Story Friday Home, 9th March 2018, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

Home is where the heart is.  It’s all hygge, mugs of hot chocolate and unconditional love.  Or is it?  Home might be a castle, or a box and a blanket on a street corner.  Home might conjure up emotions of warmth and happiness, or of anger and sorrow.  Home is…complicated.

For Story Friday Home we had a fabulous selection of stories.  We were thrilled to welcome writers John Holland, Elaine Miles, Stephen Tuffin, Ruth Foster, Jill Warrener, Alisar Am Ali, Adrian Paul and Natalie Watson.  Their stories took us from a 1970s estate to a treehouse, from war-torn Syria to the house next door.

Do have a listen to the recordings of our wonderful Home stories below.  And click here to read Alissar Amali’s story Once Upon A War which was printed in our programme.  Enjoy!

Going Home, written and read by Natalie Watson:

Download: Going Home


A Room With A View, written by Ruth Foster, read by Oliver Langdon:

Download: A Room With A View


Sundays, written and read by Jill Warrener:

Download: Sundays


Old Dog, New Tricks, written and read by Elaine Miles:

Download: Old Dog, New Tricks


Lips, written and read by John Holland:

Download:  Lips


Are We Bad People? Written and read by A.R. Paul:

Download: Are We Bad People?


Secrets, written and read by Steve Tuffin:

Download:  Secrets