The Speed of Light

Stories from Speed of Light, first performed at Story Friday Speed of Light, 22nd September 2017, Burdall’s Yard, Bath

Fast, fast, faster, fastest! Those stars we see which died millions of years ago, the shutter speed on a camera that captures a car’s headlights as it travels through the darkness, the blink of an eye, the flash of a thought – we had a glimpse of infinity at this Story Friday.

We had some wonderful tales this time – members of the audience commented on the wide variety of themes.  Well, our writers are very very imaginative… We had a domestic story with a twist from Adrian Paul, a trippy memory of the ’70s from Christine Roberts, an interpretation of a true story from Clare Reddaway, a vision of the future from Cherry Potts, a relationship story with a truly memorable image from Mark Rutterford, a thoughtful story about a meteoriticist from Rosalind Minett, and a story which provoked some real belly laughs  from Debbie Beale.

Thank you to all of our talented writers and to Kirsty Cox and Olly Langdon, who read some of the stories completely beautifully.

Our audience had a great time.  Have a listen, see what you think!

The Big Bang, written and read by Adrian Paul:

Download: The Big Bang


Tripping The Light, written and read by Christine Roberts:

Download: Tripping the Light


Talking in Circles, written and read by Mark Rutterford:

Download: Talking In Circles


Rising Dawn, written by Cherry Potts, read by Kirsty Cox:

Download: Rising Dawn


Speed of Light, written by Debbie Beale, read by Olly Langdon:

Download: Speed of Light


The Find, written by Rosalind Minett, read by Kirsty Cox:

Download:  The Find


Riding a Ray of Light, written and read by Clare Reddaway:

Download: Riding a Ray of Light