Stories from South, first performed at Story Friday South, 30th June 2017, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

All points south! We had a veritable smorgasbord of delights at  Story Friday South from writers Mark Rutterford, Mark Hynes, Adrian Paul, Clare Reddaway, Julie Hayman, Sally Gander, Elaine Miles and Steve Tuffin.  We had some thoughtful and thought provoking stories – and a bellyful of laughs!

We were delighted that pop-jazz duo Tracey and Jason came along to Story Friday South and played their beautiful music for us again.  They’ve got a new album out – click here for more info.  What a treat!

If you couldn’t make it to Story Friday South – or if you enjoyed it all so much you want to listen again, click on the audio recordings below, or download them to a device of your choice.  Do leave a comment if you’d like to tell us what you think.  Have fun!

We plummet and soar with Mark in Skydiving, written and read by Mark Rutterford: 

Download: Skydiving


Sally tells us a true story in The Tatooed Lemon, written and read by Sally Gander:

Download:  The Tatooed Lemon


We visit a grim ritual in 18th century London with Into The Darkness, written and read by Mark Hynes:

Download: Into The Darkness


Elaine’s story had the audience in stitches.  Here’s A Spot of Mischief, written and read by Elaine Miles:

Download:  A Spot of Mishchief


And Stephen’s story also had the audience guffawing.  The Glorious And Much Celebrated Death of William, Henry Muggs, written and read by Stephen Tuffin:

Download: The Glorious and Much Celebrated Death of William, Henry Muggs


Adrian creates a chilly dystopia in Migratory Impulse, written and read by Adrian Paul: 

Download: Migratory Impulse


We’re also in the cold in Julie’s quirky story of a man and his fridge, in Frigidaire, written by Julie Hayman, read by Jasper Holmes:

Download: Frigidaire


Clare tells a dark story of the playground in Southpaw, written and read by Clare Reddaway:

Download: Southpaw