Stories from Journeys, first performed at Story Friday Journeys, 28th April 2017, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

We had a packed out Story Friday for Journeys in April.  The audience were gripped by a record number of stories.  We had a couple of hilarious pieces from Story Friday regulars Stephanie Weston and Philip Douch, an original and funny tale from Rosalind Minett as she made us wonder about Life Before Chairs and a moving story which was inspired by her life, from newcomer Alissar Amali.

We were proud to collaborate with Engage, at the Theatre Royal Bath, for this Story Friday, and we welcomed writers and actors from the Engage programme to read stories for us – none of whom had written or performed for Story Fridays before.  So Liz Hume read Debbie Beale’s trip to the seaside; Charlotte Turner-McMullen read Sarah Curwen’s story set in a medieval German village; Russell Hancock read John Reynolds’ musings on time as he bathed in the warm sun of Granada and Christopher Ryan treated us to hansom cabs and handbags in Andrew Campbell’s story All Change.  We look forward to seeing more of all of them!

We loved having Gill Simmons back playing for us in the bar.  Gill Simmons runs local drama company Brave Bold Drama.  We also gave the audience a taster for their journeys experience with an extract from Sara Firman’s Blue Vikram in the programme.

So if you’d like to have a listen to what went on at Story Friday Journeys, you can click on the stories below, or download them.  Enjoy!

Journeys To The Coast, written by Debbie Beale, read by Liz Hume:

Prefer a download? Journey To The Coast


Come Follow Me, written by Sarah Curwen, read by Charlotte Turner-McMullen:

Prefer a download? Come Follow Me


Granada Time, written by John Reynolds, read by Russell Hancock:

Prefer a download? Granada Time


Road Trip, written and read by Stephanie Weston:

Prefer a download? Road Trip


Not The Same Anymore, written by Alissar Alami, read by Caroline Garland:

Prefer a download?  Not The Same Anymore


Life Before Chairs, written by Rosalind Minett, read by Olly Langdon:

Prefer a download? Life Before Chairs


All Change, written by Andrew Campbell, read by Christopher Ryan:

Prefer a download? All Change


Journeys, written and read by Philip Douch:

Prefer a download?  Journeys



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