Stories from Ice, first performed at Story Friday Ice, 13th January 2017, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

ICEFor our first Story Friday of 2017, we teamed up with B&NES Libraries again in our annual B&NES-wide story competition. We chose the theme of ICE, which was particularly appropriate as the country was in the grip of a deep freeze on 13th January.  We had a fantastic spread of stories to choose from as the theme obviously inspired our writers – often in quite a dark way.  We had stories of Civil War battlefields and Siberian fishing grounds, of whalers in fjords, hedgehogs in swimming pools and coffins sporting stilettos.  We heard from Story Friday regulars Elaine Miles, Christine Roberts, Rosalind Minett and Martin Phillips, and welcomed newcomers Jenny Woodhouse and Chloe Turner.  We were also really pleased to welcome to our stage B&NES competition winners Charlotte Wormald and Susan Shah.  Kirsty Cox and Olly Langdon read some of the stories, bringing them beautifully to life.

We were thrilled to hear from musician Gill Simmons who brought her keyboard and ukulele to delight our audience in the bar – we really hope she’ll come again.

We had one unusual submission, which spans three continents.  Mr Fred Pourtaheri was visiting his daughter from Canada in November, and came along to Story Friday War.  He was so taken with the evening that he returned home and wrote a story about his childhood in Tehran, Iran. Unfortunately, he missed the deadline, but we were so pleased that he’d been that inspired that we printed out the story for our audience.  If you’d like to read The Game click here.

Here are the stories recorded at Story Friday Ice.  You can listen to them here, or download them:

A Noble Cause, written and read by B&NES competition winner Charlotte Wormald:

Prefer a download? A Noble Cause


Ice, written and read by Susan Shah.  Susan received the 2nd prize in the B&NES short story competition:

Prefer a download?  ICE


A Fragment Retained, written by Rosalind Minett, read by Kirsty Cox. This story is also available in Rosalind Minett’s book ‘Me Time Tales, Tea Breaks for Mature Women and Curious Men‘:

Prefer a download? A Fragment Retained


Scrimshaw, written and read by Christine Roberts,with Olly Langdon:

Prefer a download?  Scrimshaw


Ice Fishing, written by Jenny Woodhouse, read by Olly Langdon: 

Prefer a download?  Ice Fishing


Blood and Ice, written and read by Martin Phillips:

Prefer a download?  Blood and Ice


The Last Hurrah, written and read by Elaine Miles:

Prefer a download?  The Last Hurrah








2 Responses to Ice

  1. Bernard Morgan says:

    I didn’t get any sound when I played Susan Shah’s story (ICE).

    • Clare Reddaway says:

      Hi Bernard. Thank you for letting me know! I’m sorry you’re having problems listening to Susan’s story. I tried it on my computer at home and the sound was OK, but I have deleted and re-inserted the story to see if that might make it work for you. If you still can’t get it to play, can I suggest that you download the story and listen to it that way? Might work? Can you hear any of the other stories on the site? Let me know if you are still having problems, and I’ll see what else I could do! Thanks, Clare

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