Stories from Haunting, first performed at Story Friday Haunting, 24th November 2017, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

We’d never done ghosts before so we were very excited to present a series of really scary haunting and haunted story of ghosts and phantoms, and some seriously frightening  characters.  Who I hope were fictional.

We were thrilled to welcome writers Elaine Miles, Stephanie Weston, Natalie Watson, Doc Watson, Clare Reddaway and newcomers to Story Fridays, Sarah Curwen and Jason Jackson.  They told stories of drumming neighbours and haunting tunes, of cherry blossoms and Valentine’s Day cakes, of texting dead friends, of actors who go bump in the night and of Victorian gothic horrors in a coalmine-owning family mansion.  The audience shivered and gasped, and a thoroughly good time was had by all!

Due to a technical error, we do not have the recordings from the evening to share with you.  Many apologies.  However, we have re-recorded some of the stories, which you can listen to below.  Also, we have a couple of EXTRA stories, which we really enjoyed but couldn’t fit into the evening.  I hope you enjoy them!

The Bone-Handled Bread Knife, written by Henry Heffer, read by Oliver Langdon:

Download the story: Bone handled Bread Knife


Insanitary, written and read by Stephen Tuffin (a quick warning, this story is graphic and contains strong language):

Download the story: Insanitary


The Ghosts of Camperdown, written and read by Sarah Curwen:

Download the story: The Ghosts of Camperdown