Stories from Anniversary, first performed at Story Friday Anniversary, 10th March 2017, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

To celebrate 5 years of Story Fridays and 10 years of Kilter Theatre, we gave Story Friday an anniversary theme.  We had some smashing stories submitted – although we were surprised by how many had a murderous bent: ‘anniversaries’ as a theme obviously moved our writers over to the dark side!  We enjoyed listening to Mark Rutterford on his kazoo, to Emma London – I won’t spoil the surprise – and to Anne Corlett, who won the prize for longest title ever with ‘This Is A Great Story.  So Great! We Have The Best Stories.  Everyone Knows It. Wow!’.  Clare Reddaway took us to a very extravagant party, Kirsty Cox read Susan Shah’s trip back in time, and Stephen Tuffin, a newcomer to Story Friday, delighted us with his maniacal pie.  And we were particularly thrilled that Gill Simmons of Brave Bold Drama wrote and sang an anniversary song that she’d specially written for the evening.  Katie Stone Lonergan played her violin, accompanied by Emma, in the bar which set everyone up for a fantastic, memorable evening.

So, click below to listen to what we had on offer.  Firstly, to find out how Story Friday came about and to remember some of our finest hours, Olly gives a summary:

Prefer to download?  Remembering Story Fridays past

And then for our first ever song!

365, written, played and sung by Gill Simmons:

Prefer to download? 365


What’s The Recipe Today, Jim?  written and read by Stephen Tuffin:

Prefer to download?  What's The Recipe Today, Jim?


Wonderland, written, and read with a kazoo accompaniment, by Mark Rutterford:

Prefer to download?  Wonderland


30 Years, written and read by Emma London:

Prefer to download?  30 Years


Anniversary, written by Susan Shah and read by Kirsty Cox:

Prefer to download?  Anniversary


This Is A Great Story.  So Great!  We Have The Best Stories.  Everyone Knows It.  Wow!   Written and read by Anne Corlett:

Prefer to download?  This Is A Great Story


The Clown, written and read by Clare Reddaway:

Prefer to download?  The Clown








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