Stories from War, first performed at Story Friday War, 11th November 2016, Burdall’s Yard, Bath

images-1Our Story Friday in November fell on the 11th, and it seemed only right to spend Armistice Day thinking about War, now and then, here and elsewhere.

We had some wonderful stories for Story Friday War from:  Richard Bond, Mark Hynes, Sally Gander, Diana Cambridge, Julie Hayman, Hedva Anbar and Doc Watson, ably helped by actors Adam Fuller and Madelaine Ryan.  They read stories about wars near and far, recent and in the past, domestic and international.

Instead of live music for this Story Friday we made a contribution to Bath Welcomes Refugees.  We also had a bucket on the bar and raised a fantastic £61.30 for the charity.  Story Fridays topped this up to £111.30, which will go to help the charity’s work with Syrian refugees in Bath.  Thank you all very much indeed!

Do have a listen to our stories – our writers took the theme of war in many different thought-provoking directions:

We’ve got two pieces of flash fiction written by Richard Bond, which focus on two  wars, far apart in time.  Firstly, there’s Sky Blue, written by Richard Bond and read by Doc Watson:

Prefer a Download? Sky Blue

Then there’s A Bigger Heavier Thing, written by Richard Bond and read by Adam Fuller:

Prefer a Download? A Bigger Heavier Thing


We were taken to the Soviet Union in World War Two with Night Witches, written and read by Mark Hynes:

Prefer a Download? Night Witches


Two domestic war stories now.   Sugar was written and read by Diana Cambridge, with inserts read by Andres Bolado:

Prefer a Download? Sugar


Rules of Engagement was written and read by Sally Gander:

Prefer a Download? Rules of Engagement, by Sally Gander


Hedva Anbar mixed games and war, past and present, in War Games, written by Hedva Anbar and read by Madelaine Ryan:

Prefer a download?  War Games


Julie Hayman used a fairytale as the basis for a very modern story of war in Tinderbox, written by Julie Hayman and read by Adam Fuller:

Prefer a download? Tinderbox


Finally, listen to Doc Watson’s wonderful psychological interrogation in The Glass of Water, written and read by Doc Watson:

Prefer a download? The Glass of Water


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