Stories from Solstice, first performed at Story Friday Solstice, 17th June 2016, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

Unknown-4Story Friday in June fell on the 17th – which very close indeed to the Midsummer Solstice, so Solstice was our theme.

We were delighted to welcome writers Adrian Paul, Elaine Miles, Mark Rutterford and Clare Reddaway back to Story Fridays and to hear from newcomers Cherry Potts and Caroline Wookey.  We had stories of blood, guts and pagan rituals, stories of neighbours and neighbourhood watches, stories that made the audience shiver and stories that made them laugh.  If you couldn’t come along on the evening, do have a listen to the recordings below – they are well worth it!

600_451186954We had fun making our own mini-Stonehenge…




600_448435820We were very pleased to welcome back Francesca K to sing for us.  We were so delighted by her performance at Story Friday Fools that we thought the audience would like to hear her again.  They did!


Here are the Solstice Stories.

Invisible, written and read by Elaine Miles:



Inside Outside In, written and read by Adrian Paul:



Midsummer Morris Marathon, written and read by Cherry Potts:



Still and Always, written and read by Mark Rutterford:



New Horizon, written and read by Caroline Wookey:



The New Religion, written and read by Clare Reddaway:


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