Stories from Gold, first performed at Story Friday Gold, 15th January 2016, Burdall’s Yard, Bath



We thought we’d brighten up the cold dark nights of January with a bit of glitter, so we set the theme GOLD.  We had a host of fabulous stories  from Mark Rutterford, Tricia Wastvedt, June Wentland, John Barter, Clare Reddaway and Philip Douch. There were stories of ice, of love and death, of unusual medical cures and astrological portents, stories set in 17th century Saxony, in the forests of Eastern Europe and some that take place  just round the corner.


Bristol A Cappella Choir

Bristol A Cappella Choir

We were really pleased to welcome the Bristol A-Capella Choir to Burdall’s Yard for Gold.  They performed brilliantly for us – many thanks to all of you!





600_446046330 (3)Found in the Earth, written and read by Mark Rutterford





Ice River, written by Tricia Wastvedt, read by Caroline Garland.  (Baba Yaga is a witch in Eastern European and Russian folk tales)



600_446046332 (2)Foretold, written and read by June Wentland






600_446046378 (1)Gold, written and read by John Barter






600_446046382 (1)Striking Gold, written and read by Philip Douch






600_446046370 (1)The Alchemist’s Mother, written and read by Clare Reddaway





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