Stories from Fools, first performed at Story Friday Fools, 1st April 2016, Burdall’s Yard, Bath.

foolsStory Friday in April fell on the 1st, so we couldn’t resist.  We had wonderful tales of fools and foolishness to celebrate.  The writers were Stephanie Weston, Julie Green, Julie Hayman, John Barter, John Holland, Adrian Paul and Clare Reddaway.  Olly Langdon provided a Deep South accent for John Holland’s story Orly, and Kirsty Cox read Julie Hayman’s story Lacework beautifully.

600_448435820We were really pleased that we were joined for the first time by the talented and glamorous Francesca K, a vintage events singer, who filled the bar with her beautiful voice.



fools steph

The Fool Factor, written and read by Stephanie Weston




fools kirsty 2Lacework, written by Julie Hayman, read by Kirsty Cox




fools adrian1Juggernaut, written and read by Adrian Paul




600_448435835Orly, written by John Holland, read by Oliver Langdon




fools clare4The Interview, written and read by Clare Reddaway




fools john1Gooseberry Fool Kulfi, written and read by John Barter




fools julie3Co-ordinated Cushions And Other Foolish Notions, written and read by Julie Green



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