The 1980s

Stories from The 1980s, first performed at Story Fridays The 1980s, 9th January 2015, Burdall’s Yard, Bath


To kick off 2015 we went back to the 80s.  The 1980s was a hugely successful Story Friday. Despite wind and rain and wild weather, the audience turned out in record numbers – standing room only! We had nearly 100 people in the Cavern to hear the stories.  We had stories from Emma London, Mark Rutterford, Thomas David Parker, Julie Hayman, Diane Simmons, Clare Reddaway and Stephanie Weston, stories that took in clubbing, hunting, fighting, strolling, singing, crying, loving, living and dying.

We linked up with a weekend of 1980s themed films which the Bath Film Festival/Kilter Theatre curated at the Salisbury Club, so audiences could go on to watch Back To The Future, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and ET.

We were pleased to welcome Bath-based duo Tracey and Jason to play at Story Fridays.  Tracey’s ethereal vocals and Jason’s acoustic guitar merged to provide compelling listening.  Click here to listen to their music.

We were very lucky to have Janine Dube visiting from OneVybe magazine.  You can read her article and watch videos of our participants here.

One of our writer-performers, Thomas David Parker, blogged about his first encounter with Story Friday.  You can read all about it here.

We have recordings of most of our stories below.  Unfortunately, Diane Simmons’, Office Politics and Julie Hayman’s Game On slipped through the net.   You can watch/listen to them on OneVybe:

My Sixth Birthday, written and performed by Thomas David Parker:


The Accident, written and read by Stephanie Weston:


ManBoyManBoy…Boy written and read by Mark Rutterford:


The Long Black Coat written and read by Clare Reddaway:


Cheap Hairspray, written and read by Emma London:



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