Stories from Harvest, first performed at Story Friday Harvest, 18th September 2015, Burdall’s Yard, Bath

Fall-Harvest-300x225In keeping with the month of September, we set the theme Harvest to kick off our first autumnal Story Friday. We were thrilled by our lineup of wonderful writers! We heard from Elaine Miles, Doc Watson, Rose Senior, Clare Reddaway, Martin Philips, Christine Roberts and Anne Corlett. We had comedy and some darkness, we went to south sea islands and Welsh farms, allotments and oceans. Not all of our harvests were quite what you’d expect!

We were pleased to welcome back the fantastic jazz-pop duo Tracey and Jason. 

Click on the recordings below to hear the stories.

F#Elaine M (13)A Late Flowering, written and read by Elaine Miles






#Christine R (12)

A Bumper Harvest, written and read by Christine Roberts





#Oliver (21)Reaping What’s Sown, written by Rose Senior, read by Olly Langdon





Martin P (18)

The King of the Cornfield, written and read by Martin Phillips





Doc Watson (37)

By the Light of the Harvest Moon, written and read by Doc Watson





Claire R (3)Sand, written and read by Clare Reddaway




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