Clean Slate

Stories from Story Fridays Clean Slate, first heard at Burdall’s Yard on 19th September 2014

20140612_123949Story Friday on 19th September had the theme  Clean Slate, in keeping with the whole ‘start of a new term’ feeling that goes with September.  We had some fab stories for this month’s event – moving, funny, charming.  We had blackboards and exercise books, stories of slate mines and broken relationships, of ghosts and potters and men in London flats, and everyone had some Sun Maid raisins on their tables from their lunchboxes.  Angus Hackett played wonderfully chilled jazz on his guitar.  It was a fab evening. Thank you to all who came, and all who took part!

Listen to the stories again by clicking on the links below:

Help, a chilling story written and read by Doc Watson:


Hanging on the Telephone, written and read by Clare Reddaway:


Sleepwalkers, written by Julie Hayman, read by Stephanie Weston:


Benjamin Bergman, written and read by Ben Sixsmith:


The Mountain, written by Tricia Wastvedt, read by Oliver Langdon and Clare Reddaway:



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