The Sea, The Sea

Stories from Story Fridays The Sea, The Sea, first performed at Burdall’s Yard, 5th July 2013

SeaTaking the title of Iris Murdoch’s book as inspiration, our July theme was The Sea The Sea. The event was held on a beautiful sunny evening. Andy Murray was playing in the semis at Wimbledon and the barbies were being fired up all over the city, but we had a wonderfully enthusiastic and vibrant audience for our music and stories.

We had a record number of submissions for The Sea The Sea. The theme seemed to appeal to many writers. We almost felt the waves lapping at our chairs as we listened to stories of sailors and mermaids, pirates and that tidy kind of sea that doesn’t get your hair wet. Ancient myths were retold with a modern slant, modern stories with ancient resonance. We had feisty old men and teenagers with attitude, ancient queens suffering from seasickness and not-so-very-faithful wives waiting for their seafaring husbands.  Our writer-performers this evening were:  Elaine Miles, Philip Douch, Anne Corlett, Natalie Watson, Stephanie Weston and Ben Sixsmith.  Susie Barrett’s story was read by Olly Langdon

John Ritchie was due to read a story but was unable to attend.  Our musicians were Ann Ballinger on the flute and Rupert Small on the fiddle.

Listen to Philip Douch’s counter-cultural pirate in The Captain, written and read by Philip Douch


Natalie Watson’s feisty narrator gives us a surprising take on old age in Carpe Diem, written and read by Natalie Bown


Stephanie Weston’s witty monologue introduces a Cleopatra only half familiar from the legends in Cleopatra’s Needled, written and read by Stephanie Weston


Ben Sixsmith’s moving story focusses on disaffected teenagers in a rundown seaside town: Swimming With You, written and read by Ben Sixsmith


Elaine Miles’ narrator is packing for a holiday in Marmaris: Turkish Delight, written and read by Elaine Miles


Susan Barrett’s lyrical prose-poem evokes the days of Alexander in Thalassa, written by Susan Barrett, read by Olly Langdon



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