Outside the City Walls

Stories first performed for Story Fridays Outside the City Walls at Burdall’s Yard, 27th September 2013

city wallsSeptember’s Story Friday had the theme ‘Outside the City Walls’. The evening kicked started a weekend of festival fun, a ‘Creative Celebration of Snow Hill and the London Road, Then, Now and Beyond’ as part of Kilter’s Green Roofs project.  Burdall’s Yard, our lovely venue, is in the heart of the area, and lies firmly outside Bath’s city walls…

‘Outside the City Walls’ was held on September 27th. We had some wonderful stories this evening, about wayward girls and wandering bag ladies, about Israeli walls and Bukharan harems, about Troy, Ancient Rome and latin at prep schools. We were very well entertained by our writer-performers: Christine Roberts, Clare Reddaway, Doc Watson, Julie Green, Katherine Doggrell, Philip Douch and Anne Corlett.

We were delighted to welcome the Green Roofs Choir who were singing new songs about the local area in the courtyard outside, and we once again enjoyed listening to Jamie Huddlestone playing his melodeon.  Many thanks to everyone who was involved.

Clare Reddaway finds inspiration in a city in Central Asia in 1929 with her story: The Modern Way, written and read by Clare Reddaway


Christine Roberts finds her wall in Israel with: Without the Wall, written and read by Christine Roberts


Doc Watson makes us laugh with: The Day War Broke Out, written and read by Doc Watson



Katherine Doggrell gives us the tale of mottos in her story: The Souvenir Seller, written and read by Katherine Doggrell



Anne Corlett paints an evocative portrait of an unloved part of a modern British city in: The Girl Who Walked On Walls, written and read by Anne Corlett



Julie Green takes us through the ups and downs of a night out with baglady Norma in: Wherever I Lay My Hat, written and read by Julie Green



Philip Douch plays with language and Latin grammar in his very funny story: Outside the City Walls, written and read by Philip Douch



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