Stories first performed for Story Fridays Mars at Burdall’s Yard, 29th March 2013

mars illustration by caitlin ashtonOur theme for March was ‘Mars’. Held on Good Friday, we had a wonderfully large audience who came to celebrate our first birthday. We were really thrilled to welcome Olly and Caroline’s choir, The Green Roofs Singers, who sang glorious songs about the local area.

We had some outstanding stories this month. Some writers flew us up to the red planet, some kept their feet firmly in the mud of a not-so-very alien building site, where two boys made a discovery that would remain with them for their entire lives. We had a saleswoman who made use of her time in queues very….creatively. We enjoyed a trip to Mars with a middle-aged married couple who reassessed their past, and their future. We spent time on a train with visitors from outer space; we travelled to 15th century Florence via the National Gallery, and we teetered on a bridge above a river, clutching a mars bar in our hands. The stories made us laugh and made us cry, and sent us on our ways enriched and enlightened. Thank you to our writer-performers: Lisa Fryer, Julie Green, Anne Corlett, Clare Reddaway, Pippa Gladhill and Philip Douch.

We had music from Gabi Maas and Jamie Huddlestone, on the violin and melodian. Thank you to Caitlin Ashton for our Mars design. You can see more of Caitlin’s work at


Lisa Fryer gets into the heads of two young boys: Mars, written and read by Lisa Fryer

Philip Douch makes us laugh with an account of Trog and Kron’s unusual journey: Trog and Kron Almost Get It Right, written and read by Phillip Douch


Julie Green takes us onto the shop floor with a vivid performance of her monologue: Fun Sized Inspiration, written and read by Julie Green


Anne Corlett imagines a middle-aged couple travelling to Mars in: Last Tango in Space, written and read by Anne Corlett


Clare Reddaway finds inspiration in Botticelli’s Venus and Mars with: Love Versus War, written and read by Clare Reddaway



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