Black Sheep

Stories first performed for Story Fridays at Burdall’s Yard, 3rd May 2013

sheep1The stories for this Story Friday ranged from sublimely funny to the dark and disturbing, from lovely stories about….sheep…. to stories families and heartbreak, ghosts and karaoke.  Who’d have thought sheep could spawn such creative glories??

Caroline Garland read Crysse Morrison’s story about a black sheep of a father and also Hannah Teasdale’s story about an unusual rural encounter. Christine’s story was a shocking, visceral tale of a young man returning home. Clare Reddaway took a sideways swipe at the biblical parable of the Prodigal Son. Pauline Masurel’s polished story introduced us to Shetland flocks. Olly Langdon read Rosemary Senior’s story which you could say took an angle on adolescence. We welcomed Ben Sixsmith, writing and performing for us for the first time, as he really got under the skin of a childhood haunting.

Crysse Morrison’s monologue is funny and sharp, as she explores the themes of black sheep, weddings and pick up lines: In These Shoes, written by Crysse Morrison, read by Caroline Garland


Ben Sixsmith tells a haunting tale of childhood: The One Who Died First, written and read by Ben Sixsmith


Hannah Teasdale takes her narrator on a walk in the country: Black Sheep, written by Hannah Teasdale, read by Caroline Garland


Rose Senior paints a picture of an unusual family: Black Sheep, written by Rose Senior, read by Oliver Langdon


Clare Reddaway takes another look at one of the least fair bible stories: The Prodigal Son’s Older Brother, written and read by Clare Reddaway


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