Brief Encounter

Stories from Story Fridays BRIEF ENCOUNTER, inspired by the film.  First performed at Burdall’s Yard, 22nd November, 2013

BriefEncounter-TrainWindowThis Story Friday was a new departure for A Word In Your Ear. We asked writers to watch the 1945 film Brief Encounter, a classic weepie with Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard, and write a story inspired by this most famous of British love stories. We had stories about encounters in Morrisons, and encounters with much younger men; we had stations and film scripts and a very chilly episode in the Arctic.   A number of stories were very funny, and some were (ahem) a little saucy… All were highly entertaining. After we listened to the stories, our audience much enjoyed a screening of Brief Encounter.  Our writers this month were:  Elaine Miles, Geoffrey Heptonstall, Stephanie Weston, Doc Watson, Clare Reddaway  and Catherine Strong.  Geoffrey Heptonstall’s story was read by Olly Langdon, and Catherine Strong’s story was read by Caroline Garland.

We were thrilled to welcome Jennifer Crook who sang a beautiful song she’d written which was inspired by Carnforth Station where Brief Encounter was filmed.

Doc Watson gives us a chilling vision of ‘what happened next’ in the unusual form of a film script with: Small, dark and delicate, written and performed by Doc Watson


Stephanie Weston gets her knickers in a twist with this very funny take on Brief Encounter: Brief Encounter, written and read by Stephanie Weston


Elaine Miles’s narrator is quite the cougar: Brief Encounter, written and read by Elaine Miles


Catherine Strong cools us down with this icy account of an Arctic trip: Looking for Humpbacks in Kangerlua Icefjord, written by Catherine Strong, read by Caroline Garland


Clare Reddaway takes as her premise that Brief Encounter is about a woman going shopping on a Thursday, and brings it up to date with: No Animals were Hurt in the Writing of this Story, written and read by Clare Reddaway

Geoff Heptonstall story takes an off camera look at film set with: Prospects, written by Geoff Heptonstall, read by Olly Langdon



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