The Fall

Stories first performed for Story Fridays The Fall at The Museum of Bath at Work, 21st September 2012

autumn leaveOur writers were inspired to write on themes and characters as diverse as God during the Creation, poisonous plants, the life of a chippy in Troy and a nonagenarian with an attitude. Some stories were funny, some angry, all were thought provoking.  Writer-performers were: Elaine Miles, Philip Douch, Richard Bond, Christine Roberts, Pauline Masurel, Sarah Hilary and John D Ritchie.

Christine Roberts gives a moving and insightful portrait of a strong woman: The Fall, written and read by Christine Roberts


Elaine Miles gives a new meaning to Neighbourhood Watch: The Trouble with Next Door, written and read by Elaine Miles


After hearing Pauline Masurel’s story, you might step less lightly in the garden: The Disease Garden, written and read by Pauline Masurel


Sarah Hilary dissects the catwalk in this sparkling piece of flash fiction: The Catwalk is a Landing Strip, written and read by Sarah Hilary


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