Not The Olympics

Stories first performed for Story Fridays Not the Olympics at the Curfew Inn, 6th July 2012

B&C180512:1We had a wide range of stories, some giving a nod to the Olympics and some steering well clear. We had parenting classes with a twist, reluctant teenagers in care homes, testosterone-fuelled competitions and the perils of dressing up as a mascot. Music was from the wonderful Reduced Great Western Revellers.  Writer-performers this month were Lisa Fryer, Crysse Morrison, Clare Reddaway, Philip Douch, Christine Roberts and Pauline Masurel. Olly Langdon read Pauline Masurel’s story.

Lisa Fryer imagines being dressed up as an Olympic mascot: Never Level, written and read by Lisa Fryer


Christine Roberts gives an impassioned voice to a low-paid worker: Not the Olympics, written and read by Christine Roberts


Olly reads Pauline Masurel’s story which actually features a race: Winners and Losers, written by Pauline Masurel, read by Oliver Langdon


In this story, Philip Douch takes a wry look at the facilitator of a parenting class: Being a Parent, written and read by Philip Douch


The narrator of Clare Reddaway’s story might have spent too much time staring at the stars: Living in the Shadow of Venus, written and read by Clare Reddaway


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