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We have been running Story Fridays since 2012.  You can read all about each event, and listen again to the stories, by clicking on the links below.

We’d love to know what you think, so do leave us a comment. Tell us where you’re from – it’d be great if our stories are being enjoyed in places far far away from sunny Bath…

LEAP! We celebrated the leap year with leaps of imagination, of faith, of leopards, with leaps into the dark and into the air. We heard from Alison Clink, Christine Roberts, David Mathews, Clare Reddaway, Mark Rutterford, Lissa Carter and Steve Walters.  Have a listen here.


CHEMISTRY. We were back in Burdall’s Yard in November for an explosive evening of tales from Nicolas Ridley, Christopher Moore, Alison Clink, Clare Reddaway, Philip Douch and Stephanie Weston. Have a listen here.


STORY FRIDAY GOES WALKING.  We had a wonderful time in September leading a story walk around the back streets and green spaces of Bath, as part of the Bathscape Walking Festival. We didn’t record the stories, but you can see pictures here. Thank you to our wonderful writers Misha Carder, Mark Hynes, Clare Reddaway, Oliver Langdon, Elaine Miles and Mark Rutterford, with special thanks to Caroline Garland for reading so beautifully.

THE GARDEN.  In May we had a wonderful selection of stories: philosophical, moving, dramatic and sometime hilarious.  Have a listen to writers Crysse Morrison, Mark Rutterford, Ysella Sims, Clare Reddaway, Adrian Paul and Martin Philips here. You won’t be disappointed.


INVITATION. For our March event we had rats and moose-heads, masterpieces or forgeries, unexpected visitors to the pub, and a string of abandoned clothes… Have a listen to some marvellous stories from Alice Jolly, Mark Lewis, Emma London, Mark Hynes, Richard Bond, Claire Barnard and Nicolas Ridley.


2018.  We went topical for our first Story Friday of 2019. Stories inspired by the year that had just passed – and, for an extra special challenge, by the week that had just passed. Listen to some smashing stories from Elaine Miles, Matt Harris, Philip Douch, Clare Reddaway, Mark Rutterford, David Wood and Stephanie Weston here.

FEAST. We had a lip-smackingly delicious line-up of stories for Story Friday Feast at Burdall’s for our last Story Friday of 2018. Have a listen here.



TOMORROW. At Story Friday Tomorrow in September we wondered what happens next.  Lots of the stories explored aspects of the future, but Christine Roberts and Christina Saunders wrote about contemporary tomorrows. We always have a one or two newcomers with every Story Friday, and this time we welcomed Victoria Dowd, Christina Saunders and Nicolas Ridley.  Plus some old favourites with Stephanie Weston, Christine Roberts, Clare Reddaway and Richard Bond, with Caroline Garland and Oliver Langdon reading a story each.  Have a listen here.

STOLEN. We were delighted to have a wonderful line up of writer-performers for Story Friday Stolen. We welcomed Mark Rutterford, Martin Phillips, Doc Watson, Elaine Miles, Clare Reddaway, Sarah Curwen and David Wood.  We were taken far and wide as we explored our writers’ interpretations of the theme.  Listen here.

HOME.  We had a fabulous selection of stories for Story Frdiday Home in March.  We had writers John Holland, Elaine Miles, Stephen Tuffin, Ruth Foster, Jill Warrener, Alisar Am Ali, Adrian Paul and Natalie Watson.  Ruth’s story was read by Olly Langdon.  Click here to listen to the stories.


HAUNTING.  We had wonderful scary ghostly and haunted stories for our November Story Friday.  We heard from Elaine Miles, Stephanie Weston, Natalie Watson, Doc Watson, Clare Reddaway, Jason Jackson and Sarah Curwen.  We do not have recordings of the stories at the moment, but hope to bring some to you in the future.

SPEED OF LIGHT.  We had a very varied selection of wonderful stories for the first Story Friday of the autumn.  We had stories from Adrian Paul, Christine Roberts, Clare Reddaway,  Cherry Potts, Mark Rutterford, Rosalind Minett and Debbie Beale.  Cherry and Rosalind’s stories were read by Kirsty Cox, and Debbie’s by Olly Langdon.  To listen to the stories, click here.

SOUTH.  All points south! We had a veritable smorgasbord of delights at  Story Friday South from writers Mark Rutterford, Mark Hynes, Adrian Paul, Clare Reddaway, Julie Hayman, Sally Gander, Elaine Miles and Steve Tuffin.  We had some thoughtful and thought provoking stories – and a bellyful of laughs!   To hear the stories click here.

JOURNEYS.  We teamed up with Engage, at Theatre Royal Bath, to bring lots of new writers and actors to the stage for this Story Friday.  There are some familiar faces (or voices) too.  We had stories from Debbie Beale, Sarah Curwen, John Reynolds, Stephanie Weston, Alissar Alami, Rosalind Minett, Andrew Campbell and Philip Douch.  We were pleased to hear from actors Liz Hume, Charlotte Turner-McMullen, Russell Hancock and Christopher Ryan, as well, of course, as our own Olly Langdon and Caroline Garland. Listen again here.

ANNIVERSARY.  We celebrated five years of Story Fridays and ten years of Kilter Theatre in style in March!  We had our first Story Friday song from Gill Simmons, and had stories both dark and funny from Steve Tuffin, Mark Rutterford, Susan Shah, Anne Corlett, Emma London and Clare Reddaway.  Mark had a kazoo.  ‘Nuff said.  Listen again here.

ICE. We had quite a dark and dramatic selection of stories for Story Friday Ice in January 2017.  We heard from Story Friday regulars Elaine Miles, Christine Roberts, Rosalind Minett and Martin Phillips, and welcomed newcomers Jenny Woodhouse and Chloe Turner. We were also really pleased to welcome to our stage B&NES competition winners Charlotte Wormald and Susan Shah. Kirsty Cox and Olly Langdon read some of the stories, bringing them beautifully to life.  Have a listen here.

images-1WAR.  Story Friday in November fell on the 11th, Armistice Day.  So we decided to think about war – then and now, here and elsewhere.  Our selection of stories was thought-provoking and moving.  We had stories from Richard Bond, Doc Watson, Sally Gander, Diana Cambridge, Hedva Anbar, Julie Hayman and Mark Hynes, with wonderful reading by actors Adam Fuller, Andres Bolado and Madelaine Ryan.  Have a listen here.


OUTSIDERS.  September Story Fridays had the stimulating theme Outsiders.  It was a particularly good evening with lots of laughs and lots of emotion.  Read about the event here and listen to stories by Stephanie Weston, Christine Roberts, Rosalind Minett, Conor Houghton, Crysse Morrison, Clare Reddaway and Elaine Miles.


SOLSTICE.  June Story Fridays had stories on the theme of Solstice and the sun.  Read about the event here, and listen to stories by Elaine Miles, Adrian Paul, Caroline Wookey, Cherry Potts, Mark Rutterford and Clare Reddaway.



FOOLS.  April Fools Day saw a packed out Story Friday for the theme of Fools.  Click here to read more and to hear stories by John Holland, Clare Reddaway, Adrian Paul, Stephanie Weston, Julie Green, Julie Hayman and John Barter.



GOLD.  January 2016 brought Story Friday GOLD and stories from Mark Rutterford, Tricia Wastvedt, June Wentland, John Barter, Clare Reddaway and Philip Douch.  Click here to listen to them and to read about the event.



CABARET.  In November, we teamed up with B&NES Library Services again for their annual competition.  Click here to read more, and to hear winners Ruth Eversley and Hannah Persaud, and to hear stories by Stephanie Weston, Adrian Paul, Julie Green and Lucy Langdon.


HARVEST.  In September we celebrated the arrival of autumn with Harvest.  Click here to find out more about the event and to listen to stories by Elaine Miles, Doc Watson, Rose Senior, Clare Reddaway, Christine Roberts and Anne Corlett.



STORY FRIDAY GOES SWIMMING.  Click here to read more about our spectacular May event, where Story Fridays took our stories to Cleveland Pools.  Listen to writers Christine Roberts, Lisa Fryer, Elaine Miles, Julie Green, Mark Rutterford, Tricia Wastvedt, Clare Reddaway and Stephanie Weston.


My Mother's Quilt

QUILT OF STORIES.   Click here to read more about our March event, and the patchwork quilt that inspired it.  Listen to stories by Christine Roberts, Martin Phillips, Julie Green, Adrian Paul, Clare Reddaway, Elaine Miles and Julie Hayman.



Click here to read more about Story Friday 1980s, and to hear stories by Emma London, Mark Rutterford, Thomas David Parker, Julie Hayman, Diane Simmons, Clare Reddaway and Stephanie Weston.


Unknown-1NOIR.  Click here to read more about our Noir event, and to hear stories by Adrian Paul, Elaine Miles, Kate Simants, Philip Douch, John Reynolds, Natalie Watson and Julie Green.




CLEAN SLATE.  Click here to read more about Clean Slate and to listen to some stories by Anne Corlett, Doc Watson, Tricia Wastvedt, Julie Hayman, Clare Reddaway and Ben Sixsmith.



flag-fireworksINDEPENDENCE. Click here to listen to stories by Mark Rutterford, Elaine Miles, Catherine Strong, Stephanie Weston, AR Paul, Diana Cambridge and Clare Reddaway.



IN FOCUS.  Click here to read about our IN FOCUS May event.




Unknown-2FERAL. Listen to stories by Tricia Wastvedt, Jonathan Pinnock, Mark Rutterford, Doc Watson, Stephanie Weston and Sophie Holland. Click here.



BLUE. Listen to stories by Elaine Miles, Catherine Strong, Diana Cambridge, Mark Rutterford, Clare Reddaway, Pauline Masurel and Julie Green. Click here.



BriefEncounter-TrainWindowBRIEF ENCOUNTER. To hear stories inspired by the film from Doc Watson, Stephanie Weston, Elaine Miles, Catherine Strong, Clare Reddaway and Geoff Heptonstall click here.



city wallsOUTSIDE THE CITY WALLS. To hear stories from Christine Roberts, Doc Watson, Katherine Doggerell, Anne Corlett, Clare Reddaway, Julie Green and Philip Douch click here.



SeaTHE SEA, THE SEA. Listen to stories by Philip Douch, Ben Sixsmith, Susan Barrett, Natalie Watson, Stephanie Weston and Elaine Miles. Click here.



sheep1BLACK SHEEP. If you’d like to hear stories from Crysse Morrison, Ben Sixsmith, Hannah Teasdale, Rose Senior and Clare Reddaway, click here.


mars illustration by caitlin ashtonMARS. Stories available to listen to from Philip Douch, Lisa Fryer, Anne Corlett, Julie Green and Clare Reddaway. Click here.



undergroundUNDERGROUND. Stories to listen to from Alison Lock, Sarah Hilary, Susie Barrett, Clare Reddaway, Elaine Miles, Pauline Masurel and a poem from Mark Rutterford. Click here to listen.



B&C180512:1NOT THE OLYMPICS. Stories from Lisa Fryer, Christine Roberts, Pauline Masurel, Philip Douch and Clare Reddaway. Listen again by clicking here



autumn leaveTHE FALL. Listen to stories by Christine Roberts, Elaine Miles, Pauline Masurel and Sarah Hilary, by clicking here.




SPARKS.  Read more about this event here.




imagesBREAD AND CIRCUSES.  Read more about this event here.





SPRING FEVER.  Read about our very first event here.




And here are some images from our events:

Thank you to photographers Olly Langdon and Lisa Fryer.

3 Responses to Story Friday Archive

  1. Helen Picton says:

    I have just come across your website and listened to your ‘Home’ stories. So inspiring, took me away into another world and I actually listened to ‘Lips’ and ‘Secrets’ they blew me away! I am all buzzing now, pen in my hand. I look forward to listening to the rest of the archived recordings. I live a long way away in Pembrokeshire Wales but would love to come and listen someday at one of your events. Thankyou again- my new favourite thing!, Helen

    • Helen Picton says:

      * listened twice

      • Clare Reddaway says:

        Hi Helen – lovely to hear from you! I’m so pleased you enjoy listening to the stories! We’ve got a fantastic selection on the site! If you’d like to be kept updated about writing submission opportunities let me know, and I hope to welcome you to one of our events sometime soon! (Pembrokeshire is not SO far away…!!). Clare

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