Hand-crafted story therapy for when you feel like you’re losing the plot…

A Word In Your Ear and Kilter Theatre  are pleased to present Storyopathy!  Our resident storyopathists are now taking bookings for one of the oldest therapeutic treatments known to mankind: stories.

The modern world is full of twists and turns and it’s easy to lose the plot. Our short story tonics are carefully blended to provide just the balm you need. Your online consultation and reading with our professional storyopathists will immerse you, along with a small like-minded group, in the ancient therapeutic practice of listening and reflecting, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised in mind, body and spirit. (Not bad for sitting down with your feet up!)

Our group Storyopathy sessions ran in the evenings in March and April. However, if you are interested in a bespoke Storyopathic session, perhaps as a present or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, we will be delighted to arrange it. Please get in touch.

There is a choice of Storyopathic Remedies below. Prepare for your story to unravel.

In need of a wholesome mood-enhancer?

Why not try “Bateman Overboard” or “A Man Trying To Smuggle A Parrot Under His Hat” to boost your spirits. Alternatively, “King Arthur Fights The Corona Dragon” will provide the uplift you need.

Feeling stressed and wrung out?

Choose “Edgar” to calm and declutter or “The True Garden” or “Message in a Bottle” to help you re-balance and restore your inner-you.

Just looking for something to help revitalise you at the end of a long week?

“The Invisible Granny” will stimulate your natural optimism whilst “Balloons” will blend freedom with new horizons!

Our Storyopathic Remedies

Edgar by Christine Roberts

A soothing Story Balm, this warm hug of a story will help you to take joy from the little things in life. Delight in the cycles of nature as you let this gentle tale wash over you.

“She spotted something: a large black shadow spreading from the shrubs across the patio towards the pagoda-styled bird-table where it stopped. It was the largest, blackest hedgehog she had ever seen.”

When Alice hears a snuffling and grunting under the wisteria blossom, she does not realise that what she is about to see will become an engrossing nightly garden ritual.

King Arthur Fights The Corona Dragon. And Lancelot Comes Too, Dammit by Clare Reddaway

A rollicking Story Spritz to revitalise your jaded spirits – because sometimes laughter can be the best medicine. This story might be just the shot in the arm that you need right now.

“In the future, you might find a cloth mask is as effective as a full suit of armour,” the volunteer sighs, as she twirls a curl and looks up under her lashes at Lancelot’s piercing blue eyes.”

As the chronicles have long foretold, King Arthur awakens when Britain needs him most, to fight the dread peril that is bringing a curse to his land. But he’s not quite as useful in 21st century Bath as he had hoped.

Message In A Bottle by Derek Williams

A restorative Story Tonic to help you check in with what’s really important in life. Let the tendrils of age-old folklore weave their magic around you to rebuild your well-being.

“This particular bottle was unusual: it was remarkably long and slender with a small handle on its neck. He removed it from the covering of writhing fish and placed it carefully at the rear of his boat.”

Chandu is fishing when he pulls a smoky green glass bottle from the sea, and decides to give it to his wife as an ornament. It is not until the bottle is broken and they find a piece of paper inside that things become a little more complicated.

Bateman Overboard by Piers Pennington

An energising Story Elixir that will restore your youth and re-invigorate your sense of adventure.

“Bateman and Elaine emerge into a dappled ivy-covered quadrangle with a chestnut tree in the middle. The last event in their programme is a softball tournament and barbecue on the college’s sports ground. “I’m playing truant now,” Elaine says. “Am I to lead you astray?”

Bateman does not want to go to Oxford. Not at all. Yet somehow he finds himself there, at the summer school, and what he encounters is not at all what he had expected.

The Invisible Granny by Crysse Morrison

A Story Tincture to stimulate your sense of optimism. A nourishing blend of rejuvenation, positivity and vitality.

“The matter of the suitcase was bothering her considerably. When she visited her family to help out with children or look after the ailing, Izzy generally used carriers and her big red shopping bag. She didn’t need much by way of clothes. Clearly this wouldn’t do for a castle.”

Izzy Quirk had never been on holiday. But her grandson has given her a winter break at Dalgleish Castle for her 75th birthday, so she was really going to have to step up her game.

A Man Trying To Smuggle A Parrot Under His Hat On A Long Haul Flight by Robert Garnham

A Story Pick-Me-Up to boost your spirits and brighten your day. This story will have you doing a highland gig of delight around your kitchen table.

“The parrot kept pecking all through the flight. But I kept my hat on. I’m sure that the person sitting in the seat behind me must have guessed what was happening, because my hat, my tweed trilby hat, was in motion all the way from Copenhagen International to Stansted. And you can’t blame that on turbulence.”

Remember travel? Remember planes? Well, this is a parrot, under a hat, on a plane. Just that. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

The True Garden by Pauline Masurel

A Story Balm-for-the-Soul. Take time to relax and unwind, declutter your life. This story is as balanced and pure as a singing bowl.

“At sunrise and sunset, and on clear afternoons when the mountain views appeared between the clouds, tourists would ascend the hill. They chattered, laughed and photobombed each other’s selfies. The monk seldom featured in these portraits because he was insufficiently picturesque; unlike other holy men in the kingdom he did not wear flowing robes and still sported a full head of hair. He was usually clad in dusty corduroys and a faded Manchester United shirt.”

In a kingdom far away, a monk meditates on a hillside. His life seems simple. Walk with him as he grows and changes and experiences the world around him.

Balloons by Sherry Morris

A Story Tonic to help you focus on what’s important for you, right now. Carve yourself some me-time and prepare to be good to yourself. A stimulating blend of freedom and new horizons.

“When a breeze catches the balloons and nudges them through the air, she follows. Watches how they move weightlessly, effortlessly. Hears them whisper of far off places and adventures. That’s what she says yes to — an untethered balloon can soar off anywhere. Their murmurs fill her ears.”

Isabella is enthralled by the bouquet of balloons that she is given, but will they tie her down or set her free?

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