Story Fridays

Story Fridays are story events held on – wait for it – Fridays every other month.  Come and listen to six writer-performers reading freshly-minted stories inspired by a theme. There will be warmth and laughter, wine will flow and you might see an occasional crisp.

Story Friday March – Home

Home is where the heart is.  It’s all hygge, mugs of hot chocolate and unconditional love.  Or is it?  Home might be a castle, or a box and a blanket on a street corner.  Home might conjure up emotions of warmth and happiness, or of anger and sorrow.  Home is…complicated.  Where will ‘home’ take you?

Story Friday Home will be on 9th March, 2018.  Deadline for submissions Monday 26th February.  Click here for submission details.

Stories start at 8.00pm, doors open at 7.15.

Admission £5.00. Tickets on the door.

Venue: Burdall’s Yard, 7A Anglo Terrace, Bath BA1 5NH

Clare Reddaway of A Word In Your Ear runs Story Fridays with Olly and Caroline of Kilter Theatre.

If you’d like to listen to live recordings of previous Story Fridays click here.

We are always looking for talented writers to contribute to Story Fridays. If you’d like to be considered, please contact us.

Coming Up

Story Friday May – Stolen

Stolen hearts, stolen kisses – stolen identities, stolen jewels, stolen lives.  Who is the thief in your story?  How about the old style robbers of Hatton Garden fame, or the gangsters who pulled off the Brinks Matt heist?  Are your robbers’ deeds darker and more dastardly?  Or are they domestic?  Where does Stolen take your story imagination?

Story Friday Stolen is at Burdall’s yard on Friday 11th May, deadline for submission is Monday 30th April.

To listen to stories recorded at our Story Friday events, or to read more about what we got up to in the past, click here.

2 Responses to Story Fridays

  1. Howard says:

    Judi Judy.
    I once worked at the Palace theatre, in London, on the show Cabaret starring the young Judi Dench playing Sally Bowles. At no time, during the show, did the curtains close for set changes as we stage hands wore black outfits consisting of black shoes, socks, jeans, gloves, a long sleeved black jumper, and a black balaclava. By the way, thanks to our union, we were paid extra money for doing this.
    A bank of powerful spotlights, running across the front of the stage, were flashed at the audience and by the time they’re pupils had dilated we were on and off the stage changing the set without, hopefully, being noticed.
    After that show I went to work at the London Playdium on the last television broadcast made by the film legend Judy Garland the mother of Liza Minnelli who went on to play Sally Bowles in the film version of the musical Cabaret.
    Incidentally, there were songs in the stage version of Cabaret that did not appear in the film and songs in the film that were not in the stage show, but for the life of me I can’t remember which ones. There were also characters in the stage production that did not appear in the film must noticeable a jewish shop keeper played by Peter Sallis he of Last of the Summer Wine and Wallace and Gromit.
    Please, what ever you do, do not ask me about the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car at the Playdium and that dustbin as, even now, it’s far too embarrassing to talk about it.

    • Clare Reddaway says:

      Thanks for the memories Howard! I wonder whether you were right about those dilating pupils…!!! And you might have to tell all of us about that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car you know! You can’t leave us dangling like that!

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