Standing room only for Bread and Circuses

Well, last night in the Curfew was astonishing.  Word had got around somehow (although everyone denied it was via Twitter) and we had a wonderful, huge audience – indeed so many people came that we had to delay the start to scamper down into the basement and gather more chairs and even then, people were having to stand.   A big thank you to all of the writer-performers – your stories delighted and captivated everyone.  And to the band, Jilted Caper – I’ve never seen such a large bag of flutes.   Another great big thank you to Olly and Caroline of Kilter whose spatial inventiveness turned the upstairs of a pub into a quirky and inviting ….ooooo I want to say wonderland…..  And to everyone who came – thank you!  Come again on July 6th!

PS  I should add a special thank you to my daughter Auriol and her friends Signe and Helena who had to sit on the floor.  They pointed out, very politely, that cushions and beanbags would be a good addition rather than bare boards…..point taken girls!

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