Promenading in the Museum

We had a real lark on Friday at the Museum of Bath at Work when we took our audience on a night time tour.  Our writers gamely told their sparkling stories in places they’d never ventured before.   Jonathon Pinnock was down in a machine room, taking care not to set anything Victorian in motion, and told his story of the Alternative Electrician with elan.  Sarah Hilary was in a room of chisels to tell us about a chilling axe murder, and I stood on a dark, high bridge to weave a tale about fireworks and bats (an obvious pairing I thought).  Di King and Pauline Masurel told their stories in ‘sets’ upstairs, and the evening finale found us grouped around a long table covered in a white tablecloth to hear Philip Douch and Elaine Miles recount a story about a disastrous dinner party….  And the audience kept up!  Three cheers for all of them!

Many many thanks to the Museum for hosting us for two Story Fridays.   If you’ve never been there, go and visit – it’s fantastic.

Now we’re hunkering down for the winter, and hope to see everyone again on January 25th, at our new venue of Burdall’s Yard, where the Story Friday theme will be Underground.  See you there!


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