Music Credits

A Word In Your Ear would like to thank the following musicians for the use of their music for our Earshot audio stories:

Charon’s Obel:  Chris Searle

Doing Nothing:  ‘And Then Sometimes’, DJ Razzberry Cronut

Eye on the Ball: ‘Abakua’, Simon Matthewson

For Those in Peril on the Sea:  ‘Arthur’s Dream’, Nutmeg

Four Letter Word: ‘Demise and Downfall’, Coldnoise

Get Fit, Get Thin, Get Laid: ’25 Years Late’, Colonel Trip and Captain Future

Lifeguards Do Their Job: ‘Cantina Rag’, Jackson F Smith

Lucifer’s Teeth: ‘Brush’, Mystified

Mr Bobbit: ‘Way To Go’, Brother JT

Mrs Bobbit: ‘Fallin’, Bluesraiders

Mrs Brownlow’s Daughter: ‘Hungaria’, Latche Swin

Recipes For Eternity:  ‘Haratanaya Sree’, Veena Kinhai

Silver Screen Estate Agents: ‘Telephone Skit’, 4di

Sisterly Love: ‘Blue Draggish’, The Underscore Orkestra

So Long On The Throne: ‘Franz Danzi: Wind Quartet Opus 67: no 3’, Soni Ventorum Wind Quartet

The Drive:  ‘Melancholy Aftersounds’, Kai Engel

The Little Things: ‘Food’, Townhall

Wan’na Beer: ‘No Pepsi in Kabul’, F/i

Within Without, In With, Out With: ‘Great Open Sea’, Wellington Sea Shanty Society


A Word In Your Ear accessed all music through the Free Music Archive, and would like to thank the Free Music Archive for the non-commercial use of their music.

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