No engineering works got in the way of Not The Olympics

Story Friday on… Friday….was fab!  A lovely, warm, friendly audience listened with rapt attention to our writer-performers.  Philip Douch’s story about child superheroes made everyone laugh, as did Lisa Fryer’s vengeance-when-dressed-up-as-Olympic-mascot.  Crysse Morrison’s story about a teenager visiting a blind man in a care home was very touching, and Christine Roberts’ story about a cleaner was angry and passionate.  Olly Langdon read Pauline Masurel’s great story about a couple of young men racing to prove themselves.  I read a story about a woman obsessed with Venus, the planet not the tennis player.  Olly’s 19th century Union Jack flag made a smashing backdrop, and Shehana Gomez was startled but pleased to win the Not The Olympics mari-gold garland-medal.    A good time was had by all!

We’re looking forward to the next one!  The Fall is on 21st September, open for submissions now.


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