Cracking new themes to tempt your tastebuds…

We’ve put our heads together and come up with some cracking new themes for Story Fridays for the next few months.   In May the theme will be Black Sheep.  We’ve got a bit of a tight deadline on this one because Story Fridays is going to be at the beginning of the month, on the 3rd, so get those thinking caps on now!  (OOooo now I’ve got a lovely image in my head of writers rummaging around in their drawers for a long, stripy Wee Willie Winkie cap…please let it be true…).  July Story Friday is The Sea The Sea, so you could go all Iris Murdoch… or…. sand in the sandwiches.   We’re very excited about our September event which will be Brief Encounter, stories inspired by the film, followed by a screening.  This is all possible because Burdall’s Yard has brilliantly said that we can carry on holding Story Fridays in their beautiful, vaulted building.  Hurrah!

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