Burdall’s Yard – atmospheric and welcoming

Underground at Burdall’s Yard last night was a great evening.  We had a good audience despite icy weather and an earlier snow storm.  The stories for this theme seemed full of menace – a ‘prepper’ teaches his girlfriend how to hunt, only too well; a lonely grave becomes more cosy when another is popped in – and we heard tales set on the streets of an African city and under the crust of the earth in a future I hope we never reach.

Burdall’s Yard was a wonderful venue – atmospheric, intimate, with a friendly and well stocked bar – what more could we want?  We’ll be back there on March 29th, with a Story Friday theme of Mars.

We were sad that the weather meant some couldn’t make last night – Alison Lock found the roads of West Yorkshire were just too icy, but we were thrilled that she’d even contemplated travelling that far!  And Susan Barrett was deterred by the hills of Devon, which if they aren’t under snow seem to be under water at the moment.  Caroline and Olly read their stories beautifully.   And we’ll see Alison and Susie another time, we hope!  Many thanks to the other performers: Sarah Hilary, Pauline Masurel and Elaine Miles.  Troopers all!


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