Black Sheep Flocking

We’ve got a smashing evening coming up for Story Fridays on 3rd May.  The theme is Black Sheep, and we’ve got stories from writers Crysse Morrison, Rosemary Senior, Hannah Teasdale, Clare Reddaway, Pauline Masurel, Christine Roberts and Ben Sixsmith.  Some writers have performed with us before, some are new to Story Fridays – all will provide the audience with treats!  The stories range from the sublimely funny to the dark and disturbing, so you’ll get your highs and your lows, like all the best evenings!  Olly Langdon and Caroline Garland will be reading stories, and we hope to welcome another new voice as a reader too.  Jamie Huddlestone is playing his melodeon again, a wonderful sound familiar to some of you.  If you’d like to listen to previous Story Fridays you can do so here.  And if you are in the Bath area, come and join us next Friday at Burdall’s Yard, 8pm.  It’s the place to be!

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